07 January 1999

We remember us, back in '99...

January 1999.   I had gotten a (very fancy at the time, thanks mom!) Olympus digital camera for Christmas, so upon our return to Geneseo that winter we snapped this picture.  It has now been passed through the hard drives of four different computers, but thanks to the magic of all things digital, it hasn't been lost or stuck under a drawer somewhere.  So that's us, over ten years ago!

Take a moment to revel in the details - other than our beautiful baby faces.  It was shot in my dorm room (in Onondaga Hall), and if you look closely, it's wonderfully dated.  On the dry-erase board that I have taped to my wall, you'll find the following:
  • "Letter to DA" (to get out of the speeding ticket I received a few weeks earlier when driving down to Neversink to visit my beloved!  It was for 75 in a 65, at the infamous downhill speed-trap on 81 South which has funded Cortland's coffers for years.  Still does.  I blame the green jeep for not having cruise control (much too cool for that at the time), and the Beatles for playing so splendidly on my stereo that I could not hear my radar detector as it tried to save me.  Still, 75 in a 65 - it was the end of the month.  And yes, I got off: "failure to obey a traffic control device")
  • "Mail BMG stuff" (Ha! Remember BMG and Columbia House?!?!  Nothing says music-loving in the late 90s like mail-order record clubs.  This is before Napster, and both sent me no shortage of "free" CDs - all for the cost of $3 delivery each.)
  • "Reading: Ethics, GSci" (Evidence of my brief foray into a Philosophy major, and our much beloved "rocks for jocks" course (Geological Science) - both of which were splendid.  I still rehash some of the basic arguments from that Ethics class...)
So the photo remains, as does our admiration for one another...  Though my beloved DCi t-shirt is long gone.