30 April 2012

Zoster as a Springtime Model

Springtime, and the living is easy... We'd write a crafty story, but wee Zoe Mae's eyes tell you all you need to know this time.

12 April 2012

Growing Up in the Future

Oh hey cousin, is it bedtime there too? I'm not believing this "ni-ni-time" thing one bit.
I often marvel at the technological advances in my lifetime - and in the realm of things, I'm not all that old.  (A fact I often try to explain to both my aching back and the scores of undergrads that seem to get younger by the day.  A few years ago a colleague's acting student defined middle age as: "I dunno... like, 30?")  I understand that every generation feels this way, but as we watch wee Zoe Mae videoconferencing with her cousins, you've got to think, where can it go from here?

Short of holograms and teleportation, it's hard to invision another major paradigm shift in communication in the near future.  Thankfully, there are some classic standards which never get old. Like gravity.  Who doesn't fancy a good swing?

That's right, ever future-motived Zoe Mae isn't soo wee anymore...  She's progressing swimmingly in her conquest of gravity, and has moved on up to the big girl swing.  That isn't so say that gravity hasn't been fighting back:

Fill in the blank: "My smiles keep me out of _______."
On a recent rock collecting mission, the Zoster stumbled over a crack in the sidewalk.  With two handfulls of semi-precious stones at stake, the brave lass held fast to the rocks and took a header into the sidewalk.  This resulted in Zoe's very first road rash! (forehead, tip of nose, and chin)  She took it like a champion - likely because she never got a chance to see the crimson snotty blood pouring out of her nose.  (Cleaned up before this picture to keep things PG-13.)  She then resumed her yard work like a good child.

I do it!  Zooey do it!  Papa, start?

02 April 2012

One of Those Letters...

Dear 16-year-old Zoe Mae,

        The above photo is a wee momento of the awesome time you had this weekend with your buddy Jack.  I've posted it to the blog so everyone can see how much fun you had.  Sincerest apologies if your high school friends stumble upon it...  If it's any consolation, your college friends will find it much cooler.  And you'll totally understand when you're thirty or so.  

PS - It really would be lovely if you'd stop puking on me, mama, and especially Rocco.  Thanks!