14 September 2011

Tommy's New Do?

Huh.  So that's what Tommy would look like in black-and-white with reddish-purple hair.  And strangely black pupils...

While tidying up my office amidst working on my dissertation I found this leftover passport picture stuck under the window ledge.  Somehow the sun managed to fade my hair into that nifty shade - I can only wish that my passport ever sees enough sunlight to suffer a similar fate.

05 September 2011

Laboring to Jamestown

Like any kid, Zoe loved school, but was even more thrilled at the prospect of a long weekend, just two days into the academic year!  August had been a very busy month, with Tommy in rehearsals for Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Park's Merry Wives, and Cara back in full swing as the semester began at CMU.  Thus, a trip up to see the cousins was planned for the long weekend!

The Buff Loaf.  Culinary excellence, two pounds at a time.
Cara's a master baker, especially with a Zojirushi in her hands, so while Tommy was busy baking in the sun at the opening of Merry Wives (preview here), Cara set to doing a little baking of her own...  Unbeknownst to either of them, the loaf came out decidedly R-rated!  Whoop, there it is indeed.

No visit to Lakewood is complete without ample backyard time, so the pool and slide quickly joined forces to amuse the kiddies.  Funny how water has proven such an endless source of amusement for humans.

What's a little psi to a tow-head like me?
Gracie is no exception, proudly raising to the pesky hose's challenge.  Rest assured that no Anderson was harmed in the making of this photograph.  Gavin was standing close by with a bucket of water, lest Grace somehow managed to escape wetness from such an endeavor. 

Slip sliding away, you know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away.
Emma on the other hand, channeled her physics knowledge and let the water do the work on the Slip & Slide.  

Why on earth would they call this awesome sprinkler a Slip & Slide?
Wee Zoe saw all the fun, and immediately needed to be part of the action as well.  This was her first ever meeting with a Slip & Slide, and she probably should've spent a bit more time researching the etymology of the term.

ALERT! ALERT!  This thing is slippery!  Sooooooooo slippery!!!  HELP! HELP!
Slip & Slide she did - right onto her keister! Poor lass - sometimes the world is such a cruel and unjust place.  Especially when your age is counted in months.

All together now...
And the afternoon ended with a nice communal swing - with Gavin as the photog.  This is before he ventured too close to the action looking for the perfect shot, which ended up with him taking a shot of his own.  Thankfully the blonde cushion of curls helped to protect him when the Zoster's swing bonked him as he crept in below.

Question of the day: Who's having more fun?

First Day of School!!!

Zoster, hard aground.  On our sidewalk.
We recently found this awesome boat at a nearby yardsale for a couple bucks.  It's just like the ubiquitous Little Tykes Car, except it's a boat, which makes it better.  Wee Zoe really prefers the salty aesthetic of a lapstrake hull...  This one even has a working throttle and a built-in beer drink holder.

Can I go to school already?  I'm done with pictures, I wanna play!
What a big day!  Zoe Mae started school on September 1st.  Her teachers were well impressed; she absolutely loved it, took a nap no problem, and made quick friends with a bunch of other toddlers.  Her report card said that she learned her ABC's and 123's.  Not bad for a first day.

Rocco, on the other hand, immediately seized the opportunity to catch up on lost sleep.  Little Zoe keeps him on his toes most of the day, so a the first few hours without the little instigator were spent curled up on the couch...

Zoe's footwear of choice...