30 July 2010

The last great adventure (for now...)

We've been back in the 'burgh for over a week now, and we're long overdue posting pictures from the last leg of our journey. So, here's the short version of our adventure. After relaxing at the River, we packed up again and headed to Neversink to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa before our collective trip to Cape Cod. While in Neversink, Grandma and Zoe decided to wear the same outfit on the same day... what are the odds? Zoe was rather bashful about the incident...

Grandma also had fun introducing Zoe to some of Mama's old toys. As you can see, all that playing was simply exhausting.

After a few fun filled days at Grandma and Grandpa's house we all headed out to Cape Cod.  Zoe was skeptical of the beach at first...

But she quickly decided that the beach was a great place to relax, especially under the cool shade of an umbrella with her Papa...

...or on a blanket with her Mama.

Of course, Zoe was introduced to the Cape Cod crew, and they all amused her immensely.

And what would be a trip to Cape Cod without an adventure?  Here's Zoe wishing her parent's well before they head up in a Biplane.  This time she wasn't quite big enough to come along for the ride... maybe next time.

Zoe was just the right size, however, to enjoy a quiet walk on the beach.

What a great way to finish a trip.

07 July 2010

Lifeguard Anyone?

Okay, okay, we admit it -- we may have been a hair slow to update the blog lately.  That's because we've been really making the most of this whole "maternity leave" thing, but rest assured that we've been taking the requisite photos to prove it!  Here's a brief rundown....

One fantastic outing was over to the annual Rock for the River concert - without a doubt one of the best events of the summer.  Suffice it to say the quality of the music is top notch, and equaled only by the heaps of grassroots river lovin' that hangs in the air throughout the evening.  Kudos to everyone involved - including the babysitters who made it possible for us to sneak across the river to the concert!

 (I'm listening to Joe Purdy, Garrison Starr, and Joey Ryan as I type this, all of whom are veterans of the river.  I bet at least one of them is headed to town near you soon...  We can heartily recommend you check them out if you're looking for some good times and great tunes.  Same goes for Chris PierceChris Seefried, Amber RubarthEliza MooreMatt DelVecchioAdam Christgauand of course the good Jay Nash who organizes the event each year.  Take our word for it, WOW.)

Of course there was plenty of boat time involved.  Actually - the past couple days have been dreadfully hot, so it's been all about the boat and repeated leaps into the river in order to maintain a reasonable body temperature.  This means that Zoe got to wear another life jacket - this time a snazzy red and black ordeal that only coincidentally (I think) matches Cara's suit/dress.  And then it was time to get in the drink:

There goes Cara, fearlessly jumping off the boat in order to save an errant fender.  Do note the similarly fearless puppy watching.  He does not take such aquatic endeavors lightly...

Rut row raggy...  Rocco's on the case!  Believe it or not, Cara cannot walk on water, despite her best efforts here.

Splish splash, she's in the bath!  And Rocco's hurtling through mid-air with apparent reckless abandon! We're well aware that he can jump darn near five feet vertically, but when it comes to horizontal leaps, we may well be talking double digits...  Particularly when there's a Cara to be saved!

Funny thing is, Cara generally doesn't need saving when she's in the water.  In fact, she made a tidy living saving other people from the water for a while...  Regardless, Rocco doesn't leave anything to chance, and insists upon saving us each and every time we get wet.  Interesting then, that his idea of "saving" us is really more like jumping on us and trying to climb on our head while we're treading water.  Not exactly my idea of a good lifeguard.

Zoe kept a keen watch on the helm.  Thankfully she's not quite as quick to leap out of the boat as the rest of us.  Yet.

Rocco, again on lifeguard duty...  This time he didn't even wait until I hit the water before he decided a rescue was necessary.  There's nothing quite like coming to the surface face-to-face with your favorite wet dog.

This amused wee Zoe Mae tremendously.  She tried to explain the whole wait-for-distress thing to Rocco, but he'd have none of it.  Silly dog.  At least one of the little ones in our family knows what's up. Chalk up another point for the humans.

Then again, upon firing up the old outboard, Zoe does tend to pass out straightaway.  I mean who can blame her?  As gorgeous sunny day on the water draws to a close, Zoe knows that she's well protected:  She'd kickin' it in a life jacket rated for thrice her weight, Momma's right next to her, Papa's at the wheel, and there's the most hair-triggered lifeguard in the business keeping watch.  Perfect time for a nap indeed.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and it's always nice when they come to a beautiful end.

A day without a good sunset is like a pub without beer.


01 July 2010

The Camera

The first in a series of "The ..." posts, is our newest baby-essential item: Our new dSLR.  We're both researchers, so we read a fair bit about various SLR rigs, and here's the result:

It's a Pentax K-x. We chose it based on a zillion reviews, but the features that really sold us are:

  1. Fantastic low-light shooting capabilities. Because it's not always sunny in paradise.
  2. Super-duper fast burst speed (~5fps) coupled with a similarly speedy shutter speed (1/6000 sec.)   Because as the inimitable Ferris Bueller one said: "Life moves pretty fast.  If you son't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it."  
  3. Wide ISO range (up to 6400 - again about the low-light shooting.)
  4. HDR Capture. (Can shoot three simultaneous shots at different exposures and combine them.) Funky cool feature usually handled in post.
  5. AA Batteries.  Lots of stuff runs on AA's, including this camera.  We've got lots of good rechargeable AAs.  The two can play together, so we don't need to lug around another charger and special batteries.
  6. It shoots HOT pictures.  It's arguably the best entry-ish level SLR right now, and it puts up some pretty stiff competition to higher-end cameras when it comes to image quality.
And now, for your viewing pleasure, we humbly submit the first three photos shot when we arrived at the a few days ago.  (More will follow, I promise!)

And if you want to check the camera out yourself, they do indeed sell it at Amazon.  And it comes in various colors!  Dig it: