29 November 2011

Destination Thanksgiving

This year on Thanksgiving, a fine new tradition was started-- the first ever Phillips "destination" Thanksgiving in western NY. There was good food, laughter, and room to run around.  The sun even came out for the occasion. Who could ask for anything more?

Zoe Mae had a blast with her cousins.  She was even willing to let them each have an itty bitty piece of Papa's lap.

In return for her generosity, the cousins did their best to teach her the wise ways of the world.  For instance, playdough is in fact for playing, not for eating- even when it comes directly from the kitchen of Grandma Phillips.

The cousins also showed her how Grandma loves to have help with blowing out her birthday candles.  But you better not hesitate, cause a certain curly towhead is quick on the draw...

All in all, a great Thanksgiving/birthday celebration was had.  A great start to the holiday season indeed. Stay tuned for Christmas!!

02 November 2011

Zoe "More" Mae

It's Zoe's first snow!!!!.... that she'll remember!!!... maybe.  In any case, it was pretty darn exciting for the munchkin.  We got her all bundled up and she had her first go at holding little snow/ice-balls with fleece mittens.  She was up for the challenge.

Zoe was so excited by the snow that she insisted on bringing it inside.  So, under Grandma's tutelage, she had her first lesson in phase changes.  A mass of compacted ice crystals quickly transitions to liquid when subjected to a heated home and hungry puppy.  Who knew?

After a fun filled weekend of snow and the loving attention of grandparents, Zoe was ready for Halloween.  Thanks to hand-me downs, the girl had many outfits to choose from-- but she insisted on wearing the cape for her costume party at school.  Who could blame her?

Then, on Halloween night, she used her superpowers to transform into a frog.

If only she could have figured out how to use those superpowers to fill her bag with candy...  But no worries-- Zoe is no stranger to asking for "more" of everything.  More spoons for her yogurt...

More barrettes...

And more of Papa's breakfast!