11 March 2013

Brownies and Bedtime

The Zoster can no longer be contained by a crib. A month or so ago she mysteriously appeared at the top of the stairs, which marked her first non-catastrophe escape from the crib.  When asked, she proudly showed us how she managed the escape:  Step 1) Throw all stuffed animals and blankets into the laundry basket next to the crib.  Step 2) Leap into the, now-cushy, bin of soft things.  Step 3) Freedom!

So we congratulated her on the accomplishment, moved the laundry basket across the room, and put her back in bed.  Only to have her reappear at the top of the stairs shortly thereafter.  Proudly she reenacted the new escape:  Step 1) Hoist oneself onto the top of the crib railing.  Step 2) Fall toward the dresser (~2ft away), and catch the top edge of the dresser with your hands.  Step 3) While holding on to the dresser, walk feet down the side of the crib.  Step 4) Freedom!

It was clear that, aside from putting a lid on the crib, physical barriers were not going to keep wee Zoe Mae in bed.  So we put the side of the crib down and confirmed that while she could get out, we preferred that she stay in bed and sleep. And then we got the dreaded big girl bed out of storage.

Suffice it to say, she loves the big girl bed.  And she loves getting out of the big girl bed.  On one occasion her brave papa repeated putting her to bed a record 52 times in a row before she realized that bedtime was non-negotiable. We even bought a wise owl who can tell Zoe when it's time to get up.  Nonsense.  She decided early on that she wasn't going to listen to an inanimate object when it came to bedtime.  Because brownies.