10 May 2012

How Old is Zoe Mae?

Just look at the intensity of her concentration.  Patiently awaiting her cue.  Poised and ready. She's TWO, and she knows it.  She may tantrum and randomly throw herself on the floor at times, but she's earned that right.  Because wee Zoe Mae now knows the birthday song, and she knows that last week it applied specifically to her.

Here's her cue: APPLAUSE!

And she even blows out that candle on the first try. "Birthday Girl" indeed. Nicely done, Zoster, nicely done.

*Okay fine, now that you've seen the video, she may not have technically blown out the candle on the first attempt.  But she gave it the ol' college try, and she nailed it on the second effort.  And by "nailed it" we mean "did an excellent job building up the suspense necessary to internet-video-celebritydom."  See that - poof - it's out.  Success.  And she didn't even set herself on fire.  Happy birthday Zoster.