08 April 2014

Out of Hibernation

It was a long winter.  You think that all of the snow and cold would have been a great excuse for us to keep right on top of the blog... but we kind of went into hibernation in our house.  The good news: we are now seeing the light of spring, and it is fantastic!!

Our Tuesday ritual all winter was to meet up with friends at an indoor play space.  It was great fun, but the gymnasium walls never inspired too many pictures.  Now that the snow has melted and we are seeing some warmer days, our Tuesdays have evolved into adventures outdoors.  Today, the adventure was a small local zoo (amazingly run and maintained at a high school!)

As you might imagine, we saw some animals...

The Emus are pretty cool Mama, but check out this FENCE!
But more importantly, we saw some friends.  Nine of them in fact.  All girls.

The beginning of a "Secret Club Meeting".  A true meeting of the minds.
Zoe liked the animals, but she was slightly more impressed by the architecture.

Yup-- I think this wall will pass inspection.
And the mud. But it was some pretty impressive mud if I do say so myself.

Who needs mud pies when you can have this!
Happy Spring!!