03 June 2011

Sunny with a Side of Catch-Up

If anyone recognises that swoopy Danish rocker, do tell!
Alas, once again we've been living the life and not the blog for a while.  So it goes...  Here's some ketchup for yinz, straight from the home of ketchup no less.  This spring we kicked the interior of our splendid townhouse up half-a-notch with new carpets.  Or rugs.  Whatever you call them, they're plush under foot, and much lighter than our old ones.  And by "new" we mean from the superstore called Craigslist, which graciously accepted our old rugs in exchange.  Perhaps in a later post we'll do a side-by-side shot of the old and new, but for now we can tell you that they're better.

Zoe steals a line from cousin James the Third:  "Papa, put them hammer down!"
And then it became summer, which means high gas prices and lots of driving...  First, up to the River for a big Memorial Day!  This year not-so-wee Zoe Mae appreciated the boat and water even more than last year! (Although truth be told, she gave up on the boatride exactly half way into it, in Lake of the Isles, which made the trip back upriver both fast & furious.)

But a poor girl's gotta eat!  That's right, in Chez Costello there was no shortage of Grammy's excellent home cookin' and towels to match.  We even allowed her to graze-feed, so the weekend was basically one long meal for her, constantly stealing bits of food from anyone and everyone.  Who can resist a smile like that when she points at your food and hollers "BOP!"?

The little Zoster made quick friends with James the Third, and he was a great sport, letting her climb all over him as she feed him blankets.  Squint your eyes a little bit, and this could be any pair of the hundreds of kids who have played around on the oh-so-too-plush couch over the past 40+ years.

A bicycle for THREE!  In bike terms
it is the lowest of the low, the sort of
bike that Tommy doesn't normally do.
But it is also perfect, cheap, and heavy.

And then there was the transportation choice of the weekend.  The anti-gas-guzzling SUV bike for three.  That's right, Cara allowed Tommy's inner bike geek to escape for a moment, and the family got a beast of a tandem bicycle, with a seat for the kiddo, right in front.  As far as the bike goes - it does what it does, well.  It carries  two  three us us in comfort all over the park, and it didn't stress the bank.  (We got it for $200 on sale at Amazon - see the above link.)  It also brings smiles to all who see us pass by - a goal that we're always striving for.  (More pictures of it in action soon - we promise!)

Which way did they go?
Poor Rocco, however, was furious about it.  (Furryious?)  Seriously - there seems to be nothing in this world that he despises more than the tandem.  He gets even angrier than when he sees his 2:1 scale doppelgänger -- a goldendoodle called "Timmy" -- back home in Pittsburgh.  There's a fit of whining and barking, followed by a solemn vigil at his window while we're out cruising the town.  Hella cute, in that concerned-puppy-dog sort of way, especially as he is shocked and outrageously thrilled when we make it home alive each time. 

Back at MaryView, we take a turn in the kiddie pool that Uncle Pat so efficiently filled with hot air.  The jury seems to be unanimous - we've got a little water rat on our hands.  Zoe Mae LOVES the water and splash splash splashes away as long as we'll let her.

Ever vigilant, Rocco hides in the grass like a crocodile ready to spring forth and rescue the Zoster should anything go awry.  Because animated teddy bears can prevent any calamity.  (Little known fact, that.)   And then the sun set on our weekend away...