17 February 2013

Snoe Mae

Zoster, chauffeured home from school:

Taking care of business, also known as shobbeling:

Blogging with Austerity

It would be fair to say that our blog posts have been something less than regular lately.  In fact, they've been something akin to non-existant.  Sorry 'bout that.  Maybe it's because of the reduced daylight hours, or the exceptionally snowy winter, or I suppose we could properly blame it on Hurricane Sandy, which did knock a tree onto our house, but all of those excuses would be just that: Excuses.  

No excuses here.  We've been juggling full plates lately, and thus haven't dedicated much effort to the blog.  I'd love to say that it was a conscious decision, but if you ask us, October seems like just a couple weeks ago.  Thus, in the interest of keeping the blog somewhat active, we're going to pull an Ireland and vote for blog austerity:

Needless to say, we're going for the second definition, unless it's the Zoster's bedtime, in which case we might err towards the first.  Or maybe we can propose another definition all together:

aus • ter • i • ty
  • what happens to the blog while we work on a PhD, yoga teacher training program, and toddler.
Henceforth, blog entries will be short and picture-ful.  At least until the days are longer and more degrees are in-hand.