24 April 2011

Zoe's All Growns Up!


It's true, time flies when you're having fun, so wee Zoe Mae must have been having a blast...  The babe child is one year old already!  Can you believe it?  And she's been hard at work too.  Here she is, just standing around in the sunroom:

Where to, eh Zoe?  She's a vicious walker, just like her parents.  Wants to walk everyplace, although she still prefers to have a hand on something or someone while she walks.  She's been tricked into walking on her own a few times, though as soon as she realizes it she stops as though her feet have been glues to the floor.  She'll stand there for a few minutes pondering life, then just sits down and scrambles to the nearest hand-hold.  Good times.

And there were cupcakes.  Oh cupcakes - papa made four dozen cupcakes, and mama decorated nearly as many.  (lemon, double chocolate, funfetti, and carrot cake, if you must know...)  The Zoster had her very own cupcake at her birthday party, which she regarded with suspicion, but loved it when she was coaxed into eating a bite.  And then Rocco stole the rest of it.  Punk.

The gifts!   Here's the darling lass showing off the latest addition to her library.  Moo, Baa, La La La a book which, frankly sounds a whole lot more exciting than the one papa is writing upstairs!

Here's the birthday girl with a few more gifts...  An inch-worm pull toy (that Rocco is very curious about), and a her very first boat!  She loves it, and she's already learned how the change the prop!  She'll be ready for the river in no time at this rate.

Today, on Zoe's actual birthday, we gave the whole cupcake thing another go.  This was her first experience with chocolate, and she was actually not that bothered about it.  She just made herself a little mustache and called it a night.  Perhaps she's more of a pie girl like her mama?  Hot.