28 October 2012

Zoe vs. the Polar Bears

This past weekend was Zoo Boo, a great excuse to get wee Zoe Mae into a recycled ladybug costume and take her out a frolicking.  Just how good is the Pittsburgh Zoo?  They have an aquarium where they keep scuba divers...  Perhaps you'd thought that divers were people too; nope, they're animals at the zoo.  Look: this one carves pumpkins!

Needless to say, all the excitement tuckered the Zoster right out, so we high-tailed it back to the homestead for a power nap. Once rested, the wee lass perched on our newly refurbished staircase and put on her full expedition gear. Wildlife be forewarned; this Zoe is coming to a neighborhood near you, and she won't be deterred by a little snurricane frankenstorm!

Now, where are those polar bears hiding?