21 August 2010

Zoe's New Tricks

Zoe is almost 4 months old now, and we're constantly amazed at all the fun things that she can do.  Not only does she sleep through the night, but she's genuinely happy to see us when she wakes up.

She's also pretty good at rolling around these days-- and she loves to move.  We never know what corner of the crib we'll find her in these days.

And, she's discovered mirrors... who's that good looking gal?

She spends her days eating, sleeping and playing, and she's pretty happy to do all three.

She's also much better at putting herself to sleep-- especially since she's discovered that delicious thumb.

And whenever she has trouble sleeping, Rocco is there to save the day.

Bath time has become quite fun-- she loves to splash around!

On occasion, she'll even lounge around with Mama.

What a life indeed!

03 August 2010

Home, Home on the Range

Table for two?
The wee Zoster is adapting nicely to being based in one city for a while.  There's almost a routine to her days -- sleep, eat, play, poop, sleep, repeat -- and she's now regularly sleeping through the night, which is wonderful. She's even earned herself a seat at (on?) the dinner table!

Hmm... What'll that taste like in an hour or two?
Zoe of course likes to keep a close eye on what MommaCara is eating, since she'll be eating the milk version of it in a few hours.  

Hard at work, as ever.

And the wee one has even taken to helping PapaTommy edit his papers.  Although, admittedly, she has a long way to go as an editor.  Her notes are mostly comprised of the following:
  1.  Giggly Gurgles - which I'm guessing means she likes the argument. (Or just doesn't believe a word I'm saying...)
  2. Cantankerous Crying - which I believe means to cut that particular word/paragraph/page.
  3. Bellowing Burps - she's only given me one of these remarks as an editor, so I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it means "Awesome job, point well made, now publish it already!"
Editor Zoe also occasionally nods off to sleep on the job, which I generally acknowledge as meaning that I need to simplify and add lightness to my argument.  So far I've been taking her notes to heart and she seems to think the papers are nearly up to her standards.

Needs more exclamation points.