10 May 2010

Much Ado About Pictures

CARA: Argh, we didn't update the blog today...
TOMMY:  I know.  Tomorrow, definitely tomorrow.

(the next day)

CARA: You didn't update the blog, did you?
TOMMY: Ahhh no, not yet.
CARA: (exhausted) Just put some photos up, all people care about is the photos...
TOMMY: (also exhausted) Okay, I'll update it, but we should write something to tie it all together.
CARA: Really, just the photos are fine, we just need to get something up.
ZOE: (not exhausted at all) WAHHHHH WA WA WAHHHHH WA WA WA
TOMMY: Awww Zozo, it's okay...  Shhhhhhhh....  Shhhhh......

(Brief quiet.  TOMMY bounces ZOE on his chest.  CARA finishes her wine.  ZOE pushes TOMMY's hand away and searches around with her expectant mouth and screams again.  ROCCO buries himself under his bed.)

TOMMY: Shhhhh..... Shhhhh......
CARA: Here, I'll go upstairs and get ready for bed, and then feed her again.
TOMMY: Okay - I'll go put something up on the blog and take Rocco for a walk.

(Exit TOMMY, CARA, ZOE, and ROCCO to upstairs.)

01 May 2010

Mayday, Mayday, Zoe Mae Day!

It's wee Zoe's one week birthday, and wikipedia notes that today is also an occasion for popular and often raucous celebrations.  We'll get right on that...

Both mom and baby are great!  Cara's on the mend, and we've already started going for walks around the block as a little family, Rocco included.  Speaking of the mutt, he's taking the whole thing quite well.  Often when Zoe cries Rocco likes to run right over and console her with an eager sniff.  One of these day's we'll catch it on camera, as it's pretty darn cute when he perches on the side of the Bugaboo to have a look at the sleeping Zoe inside.

We've also now had a chance to Zoe-test some of our baby gear.  According to Zoe, we've done a good job...  She digs the carseat and even sleeps in it inside sometimes too.  Both strollers also seem to be working splendidly.  The Bugaboo has been smoothly dealing with some of our friendly local uneven sidewalks, and its bassinet has also been doing double duty as a mobile place for Zoe to sleep inside.  Our smaller travel stroller is also working swimmingly; it's surprisingly comfortable to push and our carseat docks in it perfectly, a very nice surprise.

The sleep thing has been just what everyone said it would be: not much.  That said, we've been able to log some good naps, and last night Zoe even slept pretty consistently in between feedings.  It's hot here in Pittsburgh, and she's fast asleep right next to me as I type (as is Cara), so perhaps the summerish weather has something to do with it.  In any event, two consecutive near-3-hour stretches of sleep in a row was awesome.  Maybe all those 10-hour nights of sleep that we put in the bank before she was born are paying dividends now?

And finally - yes - we hear the many calls for photos, and realize that yinz would much rather look at pictures of our cutie pie than read about her, however glowing our reviews may be.  So we'll try to keep the stream of new photos here every week or so...