07 July 2012

Midsummer Review

Time flies... so they say.  And so does wee Zoe Mae.  Since turning 2, the little tike has had many adventures.  So many in fact, that it's been hard to keep up with her.   Golly jeepers, we have to go all the way back to April!  Here's a brief tour of Zoe's summer thus far.  After her big b-day, Zoe got to celebrate again with Emma.  What do you get when two taurus birthday girls get together?  Have a look!

Zoe Mae, learning the fine art of exclamation upon the opening of presents.

Let's not forget about the rest of the Anderson cousins.  They were quick to show her the ways of country living.  Barbie jeeps and asphalt. Why walk down the driveway when you can drive?

Yo sista's driveway is so long they have parades in it!  Wait, what?
Then there was a trip to the River... but poor wee Zoe Mae fell victim to the worst virus she's experienced in her two years so far.  Some call it the River plague...  All of our pictures from Memorial Day weekend look something like this:

This is how fever-ridden-Zoe insisted upon napping. For hours each day.
Then we were back to chez Anderson for some more celebratory family fun.  A 40th anniversary and Bepa's birthday were the reason for cake this time around...

Nobody's getting any cake until you tell me who blew the candles out. I'm serious.
Back in Pittsburgh, Zoe had her first encounter with a friendly neighborhood alpaca.  After some encounters with goats who thought her necklace would be a tasty treat, the poor lass was a little too overwhelmed to appreciate the fluff on this guy:

Wait a minute... Is Rocco part alpaca?  An Alpacoodle?
Then, Zoe was back in the car for another epic road trip.  This time the destination was New York City!! Or Jersey... close enough.  Zoe had a lot of fun with her Jersey boy, Jack.  Her showed her his pool, and she played it cool.  Mama and Papa even snuck out to see a Broadway show one fine evening.  Not too shabby.

Direct sunlight? Check. Backyard with pool? Check. Driveway? Check. This is why people move out of NYC.
 After a fun filled weekend with Jack, we were on to Neversink.  While we were there, we fed carrots to the horses that live around the corner from Grandma every day. On her last day there,  Zoe even mustered up the courage to give a quick pat to our beloved horse, "Cupcake".

It looks so pastoral and innocent. But the shadows don't lie.
And there was more swimming!  Yippee!

Summer sure has been a blast so far.  Stay tuned for more!