18 December 2011

Zoe's Second First Christmas

We awoke this Sunday to a snow-covered lawn and gently falling snowflakes.  A perfect morning for Christmas: Round 1!  Since we will be rendezvousing with family for the actual day, we decided to have a  quiet Christmas morning of our own a week early.  Zoe Mae was confused, and then very pleased by the pile of gifts that greeted her this morning.  The first gift she eyeballed was a vintage rocking chair-- straight from Grandma's attic-- you see Mama had used this very rocking chair as a wee child.  Since Zoe has what can only be described as a "chair fetish", it was instant hit. (Wait - Zoe digs furniture? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, now does it?)

Fireside chat?
After some good old-fashioned rocking by the fire, Zoe plunged right into the holiday spirit.  Presents!!  She found a new way to express her inner artiste, via a snazzy magnetic doodle pad from Grammy.  Look at that girl draw!!!

Not bad, eh?
To her delight, she also found a new favorite snack.  After all, it wouldn't be Christmas without a tri-flavor popcorn tin.

Nom nom nom.
Inspired by the Christmas spirit, wee Zoe was even so kind as to offer Papa some popcorn.  The emphasis on "offer," as most of the kernels were offered only in jest.  Just as Papa would chomp down, Zoe would pop the corn directly into her own mouth. Hmpf. She did, eventually yield a few ABC* pieces.  (* Already Been Chewed - mmmmBop!)

You want some popcorn big guy?  Well too bad, no popcorn for you!
Revived by a full belly, she ripped right into her last gifts.  Granted, it took her a few minutes to figure out the whole "presents" thing, but she's a professional now.

Wait - it's a toy, wrapped in paper? WTF?
Now, she's really cooking.  With an electric inspired stove from the 70's.  They don't make em like they used to.

You'd never believe it - this thing was COVERED in paper!
But try as she might, Zoe just couldn't sneak up on the stove.

New favorite photo? We think so.

See ya for Christmas, Round 2!