01 November 2014

All the Hallows in the Hook

Raise your hands if you're excited for Halloween!  But first, the pumpkins.   Wee Des is our happy pumpkin this time around, so the amicable Zoster set to work in crafting a sad, sad, pumpkin to complement the jovial fella.

Scoop, scoop de doop.  This year's carver was a tough one, but no match for a determined four-year-old.   Zoe had already sketched out pumpkin face plans in her notebook, and picked the best one to be recreated on the good side of the pumpkin.  Then she watched and learned while papa wielded knife and set to work, realizing her design in the (pumpkin) flesh...   But before dusk, it was costume time!

That's right, Zoe went fully home-made this year as a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  (mama's genius idea...)  Big Z even colored in the logo sign herself, and piles of hilarity were had, both in sourcing the materials (they don't see clear garbage bags anymore!) and in the construction.  Let's just say it was not a particularly easy costume to take on and off.   The up side of a costume consisting of inflatable confectionary bliss, however, is that it proved to be a great insulator.  While everyone else outside froze, Zoster was boiling lava hot.  

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